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Stag Do

Too many stag do's fall foul of the usual tired clichés, obvious drinking games and bad organisation.

With just a little bit of preparation and planning you can make it unforgettable however there is a lot to consider when planning your stag do;


With different salaries and responsibilities (kids, bills, kids, girlfriends, kids, etc) all the stag lads will have different sized wallets when it comes to disposable income. So when planning your stag party try and find something that everyone can enjoy without having to put on a brave face while secretly worrying about the dent on their credit card.

Team kit

If you’re planning on getting kitting the lads up make sure your best man has got all their names, sizes, photos, designs all sorted well ahead of time. There is a definite season when there is a higher demand for stag kit so make sure you get your order in with plenty of time.

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Don’t Forget the Bride

A lap dancing club might seem like a good idea to you but it could be the cause of your first marital row before you've even said "I do".

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Get Connected

Organising a stag do couldn’t be easier with a little help from Facebook so set up a group page where the Best Man can post details of the event and all the stags can help contribute ideas. Plus it's a great way to share the photos after the event. How to set up a group page

Dare to be different

You want your stag do to be truly memorable, this is your last hurrah as a single man after all. So rather than the usual paintball and pint affair why not get your best man to arrange something totally unique that not only will give you an epic adventure but will also be something all the lads will be talking about for years to come?

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Call in the Professionals have been arranging top notch stag parties for over a decade. With over 80 destinations across the UK, Europe and beyond they can help you arrange a completely tailor-made stag weekend without blowing a hole in your wallet.

Forward Thinking

Don't leave planning your do until the last minute or you could find all your great ideas come to nothing as everything is already booked up and all you’re left with is a soggy weekend in a caravan in Clacton (sorry Clacton, we love you but we’re just not in love with you). So get things sorted early and you could also take advantage of advance booking deals.

Fun and games

We've all played drinking games with our friends but this is a special occasion and deserves a little more planning with games and events. It might cost you a couple of more quid but it'll be worth it, it's your last night of freedom so you might as well go down in a blaze of glory rather than go out on a whimper.

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