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In amongst all the wedding chaos you need a sidekick to help ease your burden. From amongst your rag tag bunch of mates you have to find one that you can totally rely on. Weighing up the options you might already be struggling to find a "good" man amongst them let alone the "best" man. Is there someone that will be there at your side on the day who can wear a suit without looking like he's about to use the words "Not guilty your honour"? Can he write and deliver a speech that won't have him forcibly removed from the building by the bride's brothers while your new mother-in-law turns to you in disappointment? And will he be able to arrange a proper stag do that doesn’t end with you waking up cold and alone chained to Brighton Pier with "Big Dave Was Here" tattooed on your buttocks?

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Well once you have finally picked your best man make sure he knows exactly what you need him to do, get him involved in proceedings so that you have a friend and ally to turn to when things get a little bit hectic. Planning a wedding can get stressful and even the calmest of couples will have moments when arranging the their big day gets a bit strained. Don’t let that worry you, it’s only natural and most nearly-weds go through it, while the bride-to-be will have plenty of outside support to turn to its good to have your own trusted brother-in-arms who will help make sense of all the madness.

To give him a head start and a real insight into how to perform his role for you send him this link to the ultimate guide to being the Best Man

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