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Still struggling to write that speech? Never given a speech in public before?
The wedding is less than a week away and now you're starting to panic?

Our team of professional writers have written scripts for stage, TV, radio and stand-up comedians. In our download you'll find hundreds of jokes unique to StBG that you won't find anywhere else on the web. We'll explain the correct format and show you not only how to write but also how to deliver the perfect speech.

We have hundreds of ice-breakers, one liners, quotes and other great tools for writing the perfect wedding speech. We’re proud to have helped hundreds of grooms write their speeches with our step by step guide to the perfect groom's speech.

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How does the speech builder work?

The groom's speech breaks down into various phases;

  • Opening
  • Formalities
  • Parents
  • Your Story
  • The Best Man
  • Your Bride
  • Your Toast

You'll start by welcoming all your guests and thanking them for joining you on the day.

Next of the formal part of your speech, this doesn’t mean you have to stand on ceremony or observe any dull etiquette, this is merely the section of your speech where you’ll thank everyone who has played a part in the build up to the big day or been a member of the central wedding party and present any gifts.

Next up is a chance to thank both sets of parents for the roles they have played in both the wedding itself and all they have done for you to help shape the people you have become.

Your attention then can turn to your best man, perhaps this is the final chance you’ll get to discredit him before he does his best to humorously humiliate you in front of all your friends and family.

Finally before your speech comes to a close you can speak both about and to your new wife.

We have created sections for each phase of your speech as well as other great lines and areas of your wedding/lives you might want to mention. Each phase is broken up into easy subsections. For instance your best man might be your brother, cousin, school friend, work colleague, new friend, whatever the case we’ve got it covered with great gags so you can draw first blood before he sets about you.

As you work through the phases you can edit the speech as you go, adding names, dates, personal memories to build your speech or tell the story leading up to your big day.

You can write your speech in one sitting or save your speech to come back a number of times to keep editing until you are completely satisfied with you final speech. Once complete you can print it out your finished speech to practice ready for the special occasion.

Remember, our speech builder has been compiled by professional writers and they can help you refine your speech at any point. You can contact the StBG team at any point for advice, tips or simply to review your speech.

Our aim is to make sure you have a speech you are completely happy and confident with. After all this is potentially the most important and heartfelt speech you’re ever going to have to give.

Here's what some happy guys have said about our SpeechBuilder...

"Me and my best man both used your speech page and had the whole wedding reception crying with laughter. Wish we'd downloaded the games now as well but just wanted to thank you guys for a job well done."
Tom MacD - Glasgow
"Hi Guys. Thanks for making my speech truly memorable and bloody hilarious. Have to admit I was really worried about it. And I even remembered to thank my new wife so she hasn't divorced me yet!"

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