The Groom

The Father of the Bride

Her Father’s Daughter

As much as your fiancé loves you there is one other man that she wil be thinking of on the big day. The Father of the Bride is a key figure in the wedding and she will be worried on his behalf as well wanting to do him proud.

She'll worry he's nervous about his speech.

She'll worry that he isn't nervous about his speech in which case his over confidence is a sign that it will be littered with terrible jokes.

She'll worry that he might start dancing during the reception.

Most of all she'll want him to enjoy the day and she’ll want to help him in his role.

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Talking the Talk

As well as escorting his daughter down the aisle and numerous other duties he will be one of the three men giving a speech on the day. At many weddings the Father of the Bride’s has been known to drag it out a bit, well it’s only fair, he is often the one that’s laid out all the cash so that a number of relatives he doesn’t like and strangers he’s never met and will probably never see again can have a free meal and party at his expense.

But let’s face it, most father’s speeches are either pretty dull or riddled with jokes that are so old even Bruce Forsyth wouldn’t use them. It’s a fair guess that he might be in need of a bit of help, so you can point your future Father-in-law towards our website designed to aid him with his speech; Father of the Bride Speech Builder

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