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You asked one little question and suddenly your whole world has turned upside down. Your beautiful and previously calm girlfriend is on the verge of becoming "Bridezilla". Your best mates and relatives are either offering you pointless advice or planning evil stag party pranks. And in between all the madness you have to write a wedding speech.

Congratulations!!! You're getting married.

"Now I'm not going to stand here waffling for ages and boring you all with bad jokes, I'm fairly sure my best man is going to do that..."

While we can't solve all your wedding worries we can help you write and deliver an epic groom's speech.

Our groom's speech builder system contains over 4,000 wedding speech jokes, quotes and ice breakers and a free complete guide to writing your groom's speech.

With so much going on finding time (and a quiet space) to get that all important wedding speech written is often easier said than done. That's why we have created a complete speech writing system with everything you need to write and deliver a fantastically memorable wedding speech working at your own pace so you can work on your speech whenever you find time, then save your work to come back and finish it later.

Most importantly we’ll help you draw first blood from you Best Man with some great jokes to throw his way before he gets up and commits a complete character assassination of you in front of all your nearest and dearest.


For just £6.99 you'll get 7 days access to the complete system, a step by step guide to writing your groom's speech and thousands of great wedding speech jokes.


The speech system has been written and compiled by our team of comedy writers who have written jokes for TV, radio, stage and stand-up comedians. That means you'll have professional writers working on your speech for you.

When you buy access to Speech Builder you get complete access to our database of over 4000 ice breakers, jokes, quotes and comedic hand grenades to throw at the groom to make sure your speech is a total success.

Shooting down your best man...

Everyone looks forward to the Best Man's speech, after all the hymns, vows and sitting in rows, desperate to start drinking, his speech is a chance to give you a proper comedy roast. Joke after joke will be your way and you'll already have given your speech all you will be able to do is sit there, smile sweetly as he lets fly with both barrels at point blank range.

But now you can get him before he gets you, only you’ll have a secret weapon, professional comedy writers in your corner to give you even sharper gags. Not only will you be able to draw first blood in your speech but any slams you fire his way will get bigger laughs to make sure it isn’t a completely one sided fight.

Over 4,000 wedding speech jokes, quotes and toasts.

Compiled and written by professional comedy writers.

Easy to use, step by step system and free speech writing guide.

Work on your wedding speech at your own pace.

Bigger and better

While your best man might have to rely on a few choice stories about your younger days or some simple put downs, you'll be able throw some real comedy grenades his way. Our writing team have written jokes for stand-up comedy, TV, radio and stage productions. Our speech builder system contains over 4,000 speech blocks with gags, put downs, wedding quotes, romantic quotes, icebreakers and great ways to open and close your speech.

It's a big day and now you can write a groom's speech to really suit the occasion.

How does StBM’s Groom's Speech system work?

We have broken down the speech into the correct phases giving you the formal make-up of the speech. You'll find opening words to welcome the guests, words of thanks to those that have helped make the day happen, gags to aim at your best man through to great ways to bring your speech to a close.

Each basic phase is outlined in a step by step framework and hundreds of jokes and speech inserts for that every phase of your speech. Simply click on the speech blocks to add them to your speech template. Once you have all the pieces in place you can then edit the speech to add any personal details and save it for editing or once completely happy with it you can print out your finished groom’s wedding speech ready for your big day.

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