The Father of the Bride

Father of the Bride – Speech Writing Guide

"It's been a fantastic day so far. The venue is spectacular, the ceremony was very special and everyone looks lovely. Unfortunately, every silver lining has a cloud, and today that comes in the form of my speech.
No please, save your groans for my jokes."
Father of the Bride speech

The Father of the Bride's speech is the first of the wedding speeches before the Best Man and the Groom. The best man is usually primed for action with plenty of comedic hand grenades to throw at the groom and the groom will also have a few put downs ready for his best man, yet all too often father of the bride speeches can be a bit dry. But with a little help from our professional comedy writers you can now steal both their thunder and deliver a fantastic and hilarious speech.

How to deliver your speech...


The cardinal sin of wedding speeches is making it too long. While you might really have want to your say (after all, you're the one that laid out all the cash so that a gaggle of relatives you might not like and strangers you’ve never met can have a free meal and party at your expense) the number tip is try to keep it the timing tight. The perfect length of a wedding speech is around 7 minutes.

Practice saying your speech aloud and timing yourself. If you can get someone to listen to give you any last minute feedback (or you can contact our team for help).


The Father of the Bride is the elder statesman of the wedding party, which means your speech will probably be a bit more conservative than the Best Man's however that doesn't mean it should be a straight laced affair with all the fun of a party political broadcast. This is a party so have fun. As the first speaker you have plenty of room to get things off to a great start with some really well aimed jokes of your own. You can find plenty of great jokes in our Father of the Bride Wedding Speech Builder.

Is There Anything I Have To Include?

Your name. Traditionally the Father of the Bride is considered the host of the wedding, however with many guests from different walks of the newly-weds lives (work colleagues, friends, team mates, etc) it's possible not all the guests will have met you or know your name so make sure you introduce yourself at the top of your speech.

A welcome. As 'host' it's traditional for the Father of the Bride to welcome everyone to the wedding and thank them for coming, in particular the Groom's family.

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There are two important toasts to give, the first is to absent friends or relatives. With two families involved there's a chance not all the relatives will have been able to attend or some family members who might have passed away recently that the Bride or Groom will wish to be remembered. It's a good idea to check with the happy couple and the Groom's parents when preparing this part of your father of the bride speech.

The second is to toast the happy couple which is a great way to end your close.

Don't Forget The Groom... Or your wife!

No doubt you'll have plenty to say about and to your daughter but remember to include your new son-in-law in your speech and don't be afraid to throw an occasional gag his way. It is a fun occasion after all.

But most of all don't forget to mention the bride's mother, many fathers have made that mistake and spent the rest of the night being made to regret it by 'she who must be obeyed' (and never forgotten in a wedding speech).

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Keep it light

This is an incredible day for both yourself and your daughter, you might have imagined giving this speech watching her grow up over the years but try not to make your speech overly emotional. Be honest to yourself, say what you feel you want to say but if there are some things that are too personal or perhaps you don't feel comfortable saying in public then write a separate letter to your daughter which she can read on the day (preferably before she's had her makeup applied). It's important to be sincere and express your love for your daughter but it's a happy day and people are hoping for smiles and laughter rather than a matrimonial version of Les Miserables (think more Michael MaCintyre than Gazza).