The Father of the Bride

Dad Knows Best...

Dad Knows Best...

Being the father of the bride is an important role. As well as not tripping up as you walk her down the aisle and making sure you don’t trip her up during the father/daughter dance there are a number of details you mustn’t overlook while dispatching your fatherly duties.

As ever, here at we’ve got your back Jack. So here’s our rundown of top tips of little details you need to keep in mind.

Dad Dancing Dad Dancing

Dad dancing is an age old tradition where good men move their limbs with as little coordination as possible. Like delivery a brilliant speech, dad dancing isn’t just your right it is your duty!

Dad Jokes Dad Jokes

Bad ones. And lot’s of em. Your kids already cringe at the mere mention of your dad gags and a wedding is a great time to hit them with both barrels to create maximum groan effect.

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Dad Socks Dad Socks

If you are a gentleman who prefers lurid knits now is the time to wear something spectacularly loud to offset your suit. They’ll look even better while dad dancing.

Fatherly Advice Fatherly Advice

Your speech is a great opportunity to deliver some pearls of matrimonial wisdom. If you can make them funny so much the better.

Old Memories Old Memories

The old grey matter might forget the odd thing now and again (not important stuff like old cup final results, obviously) but don’t forget to mention the bride’s mother during your speech. It’s just not worth the earache.

Old Skool Old Skool

It’s what the "yoof" of today call older music. Dig out those classic tunes your kids love to hate and make sure the DJ plays your favourite tunes. Then with a large serving of "I told you so" watch how quickly the how quickly the dancefloor fills up.

Be Prepared Be Prepared

Have a bag of tricks ready to decorate the newly-weds car in case this important detail has been overlooked. Then grab the bridesmaids and ushers to help you give the car a proper pasting with shaving foam, banners and streamers.

If you’ve got any dad tips you think other father’s need to know then please do let us know so we can pass them on.
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