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How To Write A Bride's Wedding Speech

Of course you're going to say a few words! You've never been one to hold back on having your say in the past so why on earth would you hold back now? This is your big day after all so if the boys are having their say then it’s only right that there should be a bride's wedding speech too.

But please for the sake of your guests take a few moments to prepare your bride's speech properly. As wedding speech writers we get invited to more than our fair share of wedding receptions and have lost count of the number of times a bride has decided at the last minute to get up and give a speech without any preparation. It rarely goes well. Our bride's wedding speech builder is designed to give you all the tools you need to craft a touching, memorable and fun speech.

Talking is easy, women are experts at it and certainly far better communicators than men but unless you're a stand-up comedian no one does well when they suddenly decide to grab a microphone and stand in front of an audience. What sounds like a good idea in your head (wanting to personally thank everyone for making your day so special) can end up sounding like a rambling award's acceptance speech. You're not Gwyneth Paltrow, now really isn’t a good time to go into an Oscar-style meltdown. Or worse yet, "uhm" and “ah” as you reach for things to say which is never as easy once you have a mic in your hands and a hundred plus people staring at you and waiting (sometimes painfully) for... erm... your... ah... every... errr... word.

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Over 4,000 wedding speech jokes, quotes and toasts.

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A little preparation can make a big difference

Our professional writers have written jokes and scripts for TV, stage and radio, so whether you want a couple of funny put downs to put the best man in his place before he starts verbally assassinating your new husband or you want to make a few jokes of your own about your new hubby or simply just feel you should warn everyone about your dad's dancing before he causes damage on the dancefloor, our seech system contains over 4,000 funny lines, jokes, romantic quotes and words of thanks to everyone who has helped with the wedding or has been an important figure in your lives.

There is of course strict protocol to the wedding speech proceedings but it's your party and you'll speak if you want to. However if you are wondering about what is normally considered to be the correct protocol the accepted sequence is;

For modern brides looking to break tradition and have their say in their own bride's wedding speech it's best to give your speech between the father of the bride and groom. This will allow you to reply directly to your dad’s speech while leaving the groom and best man pass the verbal baton (and jokes) from one to the other which gives a better flow.

Need More Help?

We appreciate how important the occasion is and how much what you say really matters to you and your guests. We know you want to find the perfect words to convey your thoughts so we’re committed to giving all our brides great service.

If you have any questions or need any advice then please feel free to contact our team. Whatever you do, whether you decide to use our bride’s wedding speech builder or not, if you decide to give a speech or take a last minute decision to leave it to the boys to do the talking, we wish you a fantastic day and many years of happy marriage (failing that a few months of hard training after which you’ll soon start to whip him into shape).

Best wishes for the big day,

The Speech Builder Team

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